I am in a very fortunate position to educate women on current health related issues each and every day. I spend the majority of my day with women, and I’m thrilled by a developing trend: many of my patients are now forward thinking ladies who want to empower themselves about their health.

Connecting with women and their families, and being their emotional support and sounding board, is not only my favorite part of my job. It’s also how I help women to take care of themselves and stay healthy in all aspects of their lives. Thanks to my decades of experience, I know what questions to ask and what suggestions to make, in order to help women achieve their optimum physical and emotional health.

I feel strongly that doctors have to lead the fight to bring back communication with our patients. We need a dialogue, a community, a movement, which is why I plan on creating a platform through this website, educational web-episodes, related articles and blog entries, in order to make women feel heard and supported. I have invited my health minded friends and experts to join in the conversations.

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