12 Health Checks to Have Before Becoming a Parent

12 Health Checks
By Jenn Sinrich | Originally Published April 12, 2018 on She Knows | Featuring Dr. Sherry Ross

If you’re thinking about taking the parenting plunge, you probably have a lot on your mind. Preparation for a newborn is no doubt all consuming as you and your partner consider the necessary changes that have to take place in order to make room for your growing family.

On the laundry list of considerations, your health should be at the very top, as being in optimal physical, emotional and mental condition will help ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy environment for a child. Here are some health checks that OB-GYNs recommend to their patients who are — or are considering — trying to conceive.

Routine OB-GYN visit

If you’re seeing your regular gyno once a year, you’re ahead of the curve, as routine gynecologic care is an important predecessor to having a baby.

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