Back to School: Taking Your Teen V to the Gynecologist


By Dr. Sherry Ross | Originally Published August 21 on Huffington Post

When it’s time for back-to-school, there are a million things that parents have to check off their to-do list: purchasing notebooks, making sure their daughter is caught up on her summer reading, buying an expensive pair of cool shoes she begged for. But one thing many parents don’t consider when it’s time for back-to-school is thinking about taking your teen daughter to her first gynecological visit.

Letitia was a seventeen-year-old girl who had been my patient for two years. On her last visit, she launched into a laundry list of questions: the first of which was about a vaginal discharge and odor she’d been noticing over the past couple months. Letitia was still a virgin, and she had never been sexual with a partner. She’d read enough to realize that she probably didn’t have an infection because the discharge was colorless and she didn’t have any itching or burning—but she still had her concerns. “What’s the discharge? I read the vagina was self-cleaning. I’m cleaning myself with soap—is that enough? I’m confused. What’s a Diva Cup? Should I use that instead of tampons?”

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