Best Defense Against Breast Cancer? Eating Right

“The science hasn’t told us everything we need to know about the connections between food and breast cancer,” she says, “but the underlying message is that certain food choices, along with reaching and staying at a healthy body weight, help to lower your risk of a first-time breast cancer diagnosis, as well as recurrence after a diagnosis.”

Here are some of her favorite cancer-fighting eating strategies:

Meatless meals. We’re not knocking a good burger or decadent cheese platter, but for the sake of your breast health, it’s a good idea to move red meat and high-fat dairy into your “just-on-occasion foods” column. A better way to meet your daily protein needs (and you do need daily protein to protect your muscle mass) is with beans, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa, edamame, nuts and seeds, tempeh and tofu. Lucky you, all of these foods are versatile workhorses in the kitchen and can easily be swapped into your favorite recipes.

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