Beyonce’s Still Down To Perform At Coachella While Pregnant — But There’s A Catch

By Kathleen Harper | Published February 14th, 2017 on Hollywood Life | Featuring Dr. Sherry Ross

The show must go on! Although she’s pregnant with twins, Beyonce apparently still has her heart set on performing at Coachella in April. However, there’s a big “but!” So what’s her one requirement for putting on a baby bumpin’ show of a lifetime? We have the answer!

Beyonce, 35, is never one to disappoint her Beyhive, but after announcing she’s pregnant with twins on Feb. 1, the singer now has to put her babies’ health AND her own health first — period! So while Bey is still totally down to perform at Coachella in just two months — don’t forget she IS the festival’s headliner after all — she has one very important condition; she must be healthy enough to hit the stage! Makes sense, right?

Breaking it down for her team at the Grammys, the star reportedly vowed that her pregnancy would not stop her from performing at the Cali music festival, according to TMZ. BUT, she does require one thing — her doctor’s approval. Sources close to the publication revealed that Beyonce was backstage at the show meeting with her production crew before her big performance when someone asked about Coachella, and her two performance dates in April. Her response? She reportedly said that as long as she’s healthy she WILL be performing

Let’s keep in mind though that the key word is “healthy.” After all, since she’s having twins, Bey’s pregnancy is considered “high risk,” which means performing could seriously impact her health. The singer could even be placed on bed rest by her doctors! “Carrying twins is a lot harder on the body, there is much more of a need to decrease physical activity,” Sherry Ross, MD, OB/GYN and Women’s Health Expert at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA, previously revealed to EXCLUSIVELY.

“Normally it’s recommended for women carrying twins to decrease their activity by 50 percent by 28 weeks… Beyonce will certainly need to slow down a lot.” But regardless of her health at the time, according to the media outlet, Beyonce reassured her team that they would all be compensated, even if she can’t perform. Apparently that’s a reference to an insurance policy.

By the time Coachella rolls around, Queen Bey will most likely be five or six months pregnant, but the singer herself has yet to comment on her exact due date. And as of right now, Coachella reportedly has yet to even think about an alternative performer if Beyonce can’t follow through. We’re definitely crossing our fingers for her!

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