Can Cinnamon Induce Labor? Experts Weigh In

Can Cinnamon Induce Labor

By Caroline Shannon-Karasik | Originally Published September 26 on romper | Featuring Dr. Sherry Ross

Searching for ways to induce labor feels a bit like the beginning of every joke. “Did you hear the one about the woman who ate a chili pepper and her water broke?” Whether you have heard that guzzling Sriracha, acupressure, eating pineapple, going for a walk, and even getting frisky between the sheets, is the thing that works, one thing is for certain — there is no shortage of ideas for moving things along. And, yet, it doesn’t stop the theories, like the one I heard recently — can cinnamon induce labor? To which every pregnant woman beyond her due date responded, “Well can it?!”

First of all, the root of the cinnamon rumor stems from the idea that a little bit of spice can help stimulate labor contractions. According to Pregnancy Magazine, some women believe eating spicy foods fires up the digestive system and causes contractions. Other people say, like black licorice, spicy foods help produce prostaglandin, which can ripen the cervix and increase contractions, noted Baby Center.

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