Can I get HPV from a toilet seat?

No you definitely cannot get HPV from a toilet seat despite what your mother tells you. HPV is contracted through skin to skin contract typically during sexually contact. It’s often best to avoid any sexually partner that have genital warts or a known history of HPV. The problem is that most people are unaware that they carry HPV, especially men. Men do not have an equivalent to the PAP smear for women that allows detection of HPV. Unless men have warts or a history of them, they have no way of detecting this epidemic virus. Another frustration for women is that the condom does not provide complete protection against HPV. HPV may live at the base of the penis or in other exposed areas that can pass HPV to the woman during sexual intercourse. This includes penetration with the penis, vaginal or anally, oral sex and hand-to-genital contact. Straight and same-sex couples are equally high risk to HPV exposure and transmission. You cannot contract HPV by sharing a towel with a roommate or sitting on a toilet seat.

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