Doctors Finally Acknowledge That Back Pain from Your Period Is a Real Condition

Back Pain from Your Period Is a Real Condition

By Claire Stern | Originally Published March 13, 2018 on Instyle | Featuring Dr. Sherry Ross

We’ve all been through the special hell of menstrual cramps, but if you’ve experienced the added hurdle of lower back pain during your period, you’re not alone. The phenomenon of “period back”—a term we’ve just coined—is both alarmingly common and rooted in science. According to Rebecca Brightman, M.D., an OB-GYN in Manhattan, the discomfort is a direct result of prostaglandins, otherwise known as fatty acids that cause uterine contractions.

“Prostaglandins produced during your period cause the uterus to cramp and contract, resulting in back pain,” she tells InStyle. “It’s the same phenomenon as in labor but on a much smaller scale. With labor contractions, you can feel the contractions in the back, and then they move toward the front.” | | | Next → |

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