Ellen Digital Network Announces Two New Shows at NewFronts West

The Ellen DeGeneres empire continues to grow. The comedian and television host’s digital network announced two new projects Wednesday, during its panel at IAB NewFronts West 2019.

Ellen Digital Network’s “Not Great With Lauren” will star longtime “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” writer Lauren Pomerantz in a comedy series where Pomerantz will be constantly forced to throw herself out of her comfort zone. Pomerantz has been involved in “Ellen” for over 13 seasons and occasionally stars in the program’s comedy sketches.

Pomerantz’s upcoming series isn’t the first time one of DeGeneres’ team members has starred in their own spinoff. “Life’s First Ever With Jeannie” stars “Ellen” regular Jeannie Klisiewicz, who connects with DeGeneres fans and helps them enjoy various first-time experiences, such as buying a wedding dress. Similarly, “Ellen” DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss, who joined the show in 2014, also starred in two spinoffs where he used his talents to help DeGeneres’ fans hone their dance skills.

While DeGeneres is understandably the main face of most of the “Ellen” brand, Michael Riley, general manager of Ellen Digital Ventures, noted that the platform readily works with its lesser-known talent if there’s an audience there. | | | Next → |

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