How can I sleep better while pregnant?

sleep better while pregnant

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With uncomfortable symptoms and a growing belly (not to mention those baby kicks), it’s no surprise you’re having a tough time sleeping. See what an expert recommends, and how other moms have managed to get some good Zzzzs during pregnancy.

Turn Off Electronic Devices

“As with eating and drinking, sleeping is a basic necessity in life. Getting a good night’s sleep is critical for optimal health, mentally and physically, especially during pregnancy. Since your body has additional physical, hormonal, and emotional demands, it’s recommended to have seven to nine hours’ sleep per night. Avoid electronic devices prior to going to bed and eating late at night. Taking a warm and relaxing bath with candles and practicing mindfulness before bedtime will be your

Lie on Your Left Side

“Lying on your left lateral side ensures that the pregnant uterus does not obstruct blood flow back to the heart. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the constant urge to pee — if you are not close to the bathroom door and you’re going multiple times a night, maybe switch your side of the bed or room so that the bathroom is close!” — Jaime Knopman, MD, OB/GYN, reproductive endocrinology and infertility specialist, New York, NY

Up Your Pillow Game

“I use three pillows — one for my head and one on each side of my body so that when I turn over in my sleep, I always have a pillow under my belly. My fianc√© calls it my fort.”

Try a Body Pillow

“Sleeping with a body pillow made a huge difference for me. I’ve realized that all I have to do is lie on my husband’s chest and I’m out.”

Prop Yourself Up

“Try falling asleep in a more upright position rather than flat. It helps me breathe better and, therefore, sleep better. If nothing really helps, take comfort in knowing that your body is preparing for baby.”

Consider It Preparation

“When you’re getting up every hour to feed baby in a few weeks, it won’t be such a shock to your system, because you’ll already be used to getting no sleep.”

Take a Warm Shower

“I always took a warm shower every evening to help all my muscles relax. It also helped with my aches and pains.”

Meditate & Stretch

“I meditate before bed to help relax and even throw in a few yoga stretches.”

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