How Much Sex Is Too Much? Here’s What Experts Say

Men can also experience similar discomfort when they overdo it, Dr. Ross points out. “The penis can experience soreness, swelling, and chafing, and [a man may have] difficulty urinating.”

Speaking of penises, bigger isn’t always better—especially if you’re having a lot of sex. While a thicker penis makes the vagina feel more full, being overly stretched can be painful and uncomfortable, and it might even cause vaginal tears.

The more sex you have, the greater the risk of bladder and vaginal infections. This is due to disruption to the natural pH balance of the vagina, Dr. Ross explains, when bacteria from the vagina and anus find their way into the bladder. To help prevent this, get into the habit of emptying your bladder after having sexual penetration with your partner.

In some cases, the side effect of having a lot of sex might call for medical attention. If you have any abnormal discharge, unusual or persistent bleeding, evidence or tearing, pain with urination, or persistent vulvar pain, get it checked out by your health care provider.

But if the only thing all that sex has left you with is a feeling of satisfaction (and perhaps a little fatigue), there’s no reason why you can’t keep going. “As long as there is proper lubrication and consensual breaks in between going under the sheets, you’re not in any danger,” Dr. Ross says. “Communication is vital in a relationship—especially during intimacy. Being honest and comfortable with your partner ensures a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.”

Listen to your body at all times, Dr. Brightman adds. If something doesn’t feel good—whether it’s the first time you’ve had sex for a week, or your third round in 24 hours—stop and discuss it with your partner. And if you feel like you’re overdoing it, take a break for a day or two.

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