Is Adderall Safe During Pregnancy?

Originally Published March 19, 2020 on Pregnancy | By Sarah Garone

As much as pregnancy is a time of excitement and expectation, sometimes it feels like it comes with a lot of don’ts: Don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat sushi (myth: busted), don’t take a dip in the hot tub (even though it would feel sooooo good). When you’re newly pregnant, you may wonder if “don’t take your medication” is on the list, too.

While there are many meds you can continue to take during your 9 months of baby-growing, one that’s not generally considered safe is Adderall, the medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Here’s a look at why your doctor may recommend you stop taking Adderall during pregnancy, the risks it may pose, and alternative treatment options for managing ADHD.

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