Postpartum Depression Is More Common Than You Think


By Dr. Sherry Ross | Originally Published November 4th on The Huffington Post

There is nothing glamorous about postpartum depression… just ask Hayden Panettiere, Brooke Shields, Marie Osmond, Gwyneth Paltrow or Courtney Cox bringing to light their experiences of severe postpartum depression. I thought it would be helpful to discuss this scary topic and how easy it is to become a victim of it. It shouldn’t take shocking news stories to make you realize the necessity to know more about this common mental condition.

Once your baby is born, you think your body and mind have done all the hard work. So how come the postpartum period can sometimes feel like a perfect storm? The postpartum period officially starts once the baby is born and continues for six weeks at least! I usually tell my patients they get a postpartum pregnancy “pass” for nine months.

The hospital’s departing gift of granny panties perfectly highlights your terrifying abdomen, which still looks pregnant for another four weeks, but definitely holds the oversized Tampax and ice packs perfectly. The litany of complaints at this stage includes lack of sleep, trying to forget about the pain while pushing through the “ring of fire,” ridiculously sore nipples, and feeling woefully unprepared for the reality of your post pregnancy body. Plus, after having a baby, the “to do” list is endless for a new mom. No matter how helpful your partner is or how many family members or other helpers you have around you, there are things only you can do.

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