Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, and COVID-19

Originally Published 04/02/20 on Gestational Diabetes | By Lisa Marie Basile, Daniel Roshan MD and Sherry Ross MD

There are core differences between diabetes and gestational diabetes.

As the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, makes its way across the globe, there’s no doubt that you’re likely feeling extra anxiety during your pregnancy. You may be asking yourself how COVID-19 affects pregnant people — and how it affects people with gestational diabetes, specifically. If so, you’re not alone in your concerns. 

Being pregnant, you already have a lot on your plate — like your health, your growing baby, and your future plans with baby and family.

What we know about how the Coronavirus affects pregnant people and people with gestational diabetes

Whether you have gestational diabetes yourself, or you’re a caregiver for or a family member of someone with gestational diabetes, you should understand the condition and how COVID-19 might affect it. 

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