Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, and COVID-19

Babies can be born with COVID-19, however. In a March 26, 2020 research letter published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers wrote, “Although two recent studies have shown that there were no clinical findings or investigations suggestive of COVID-19 in neonates born to affected mothers, and all samples, including amniotic fluid, cord blood, and breast milk, were negative for SARS-CoV-2, the vertical maternal-fetal transmission cannot be ruled out in the current cohort.” The letter focused on three babies who were born with Coronavirus. They all survived. 

What to do if youre pregnant and having COVID-19 symptoms

If you are pregnant and you do get sick with a cold or suspect you’ve contracted Coronavirus and want to seek medical help, it might worry you to think about going into a medical facility, where germs are abundant. In that case, it’s best to call your medical provider or request a telemedicine appointment with your PCP or OBGYN. As per the CDC guidelines, call 911 if you are experiencing a diabetic emergency or have a high fever, shortness of breath, or confusion.  

If you’re not sick, you should still engage in preventive measures to avoid getting sick or passing COVID-19 to someone else (you may be asymptomatic). Wash your hands often, practice social distancing, and disinfect your home often. 

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