Rainbow V: The Medical Community Needs to Step It Up for LGBT Community

LGBT Community
By Dr. Sherry A. Ross | Originally Published August 28 on Medium

My first priority is giving my patients not only the best care possible, but the respect and compassion that women need and deserve. I reach out to my LGBT community because they are in the minority, the underdogs in receiving medical care and gainful employment.

The National Survey of American Growth suggests that 1.6 percent of Americans identify themselves as lesbian, and 3.5 percent of women identify as bisexual. Historically, lesbian and bisexual women have felt afraid and apprehensive about getting healthcare because of confidentiality and disclosure, discriminatory attitudes and treatment, uncertainty about their health care needs and risks, and because of limited access to insurance.

Healthcare providers are often uncomfortable asking questions directly related to sexual orientation, but these specific questions are important and necessary in providing proper preventative care and treatment. When you’re having your medical and sexual history taken by your healthcare provider, they may overlook your sexual orientation.

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