Signs And Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency…And What To Do About It

Magnesium has many of the same health effects for children as it does for adults. In fact, children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders were shown in one study to have fewer symptoms after being treated with magnesium alongside fatty acids and zinc. Another study found that magnesium decreased violence, spasms, and other symptoms in children who were prone to overexcitement.

How to Work Magnesium Into Your Life

Considering all of its health benefits, it’s a good idea to add magnesium to the list of nutrients that you try to get enough of every day. If you find yourself feeling less energetic, experiencing headaches, or sleeping poorly, try increasing your intake of magnesium-rich foods like almonds and spinach (or for an extra treat, dark chocolate).

If you up your intake but still feel that something may be wrong, consult with your doctor about having bloodwork done that can help you determine what your magnesium levels are. After all, magnesium deficiency can have potentially serious health consequences, so if you think that you are at risk, you should advocate for yourself to get the care you need.

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