The menopausal vagina SOS!

Originally Published on Oct 2020 Menopausebabble | By Dr Sheryl A. Ross

Aging is challenging to the vagina and all activities associated with it!

Sex, bladder issues, vaginal burning and dryness, painful intercourse, difficulty having an orgasm, losing sexual desire these are all issues can create vagina insecurity.

Culturally we are not comfortable or trained to talk about our vagina and problems with it especially if it’s issues related to the bedroom

It won’t surprise you that more than 50% of women never talk about their vaginal health with anyone not even their healthcare provider.  90% of women say they think we need better vaginal health education and 8 out of 10 women say they have experienced vaginal issues in the past year.  It’s Vagina SOS!

Aging, in general, is not embraced by our culture

Women don’t want to admit they are in menopause knowing the eye of the storm is in the near future. The conversation of aging alone is a taboo along with the negative effects of what happens in the bedroom. | | | Next → |

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