The menopausal vagina SOS!

When you enter the next chapter of life, called menopause, your estrogen and testosterone levels both plummet, affecting your desire to be sexually and intimate.

Over 60% of women will report losing their libido

You are being bombarded with physical and emotional symptoms that directly affect your mood in the bedroom. Many women rather be doing the laundry than having sex with their partner.  This can create a lot of disruption in a relationship since over 30% of women stop having sex all together.  Menopause is bruttle to the sexual wellness and the vagina for women.

Help is on the way!

When you transition into menopause the vagina suffers dramatically. Often, the hot flashes will improve over time but vulva-vaginal atrophy only worsens.  In the vagina specifically, estrogen increases blood flow to the tissue, thickens the vaginal walls and helps with overall lubrication.   With menopause and the loss of estrogen stimulation in the vagina, the tissue becomes dry and pale.  The medical term for this is vulva-vaginal atrophy (VVA) or genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) since the bladder is also affected.  As a result, intercourse and other forms of vaginal contact become painful and often impossible.

There are many treatment options

Some of these include HRT, dilators, vaginal laser, and lubricants that can help with VVA. Lubricants are a bandaid to the delicate vaginal tissue during vaginal penetration in menopause.

Taking care of the vulva and vagina decades before menopause is the most helpful remedy for menopausal’s affect on the vagina | ← Previous | | | Next → |

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