The One Thing Almost All Doctors Won’t Eat


By Lauren Gordon | Published December 5, 2013 on The Daily Meal | Featuring Sheryl Ross

Previously, we spoke with five doctors across the country in various stages of their careers and lives to find out what foods they won’t eat, why they don’t eat them, and how they feel this information can help you. After all, you ask a doctor’s opinion on everything about your body, so why not ask what they do to keep healthy?

“The dietary habits of doctors range from quite unhealthy to fairly unhealthy,” explains Dr. Rohit Chandra, child and adult psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital-Chelsea and psychiatry instructor at Harvard Medical School. “Doctors are notorious for not taking care of themselves, especially [when it comes to] exercise and overwork[ing], but perhaps diet as well. So one should keep in mind that doctors as a whole may not eat as well as one might imagine.” | | | Next → |

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