The Top 4 Tips To Bring Your Product To Market From This Trio Of Entrepreneurs

3.    Be prepared to put in sweat equity

To save as much money as possible, it is recommended to put as much of your work into it as possible. This trio put a lot of their work into the product, thereby reducing the costs required to pay other professionals. For cash-strapped start-up businesses, this is the best strategy to put forward to save money in the beginning. Save the money where you can so you can apply those savings to other business areas that would benefit from the cash infusion.

4.    Identified growth in the market

Consider if there is room to grow your market share and product line. The trio not only identified a market need, but they also identified an opportunity for growth within that market. They know they will have a viable product that will offer ways to expand the product line and help more women with their feminine health and sexual wellness.

The bottom line is that an idea is only the beginning. You need to invest a lot of time and money into getting this ready to go to market. Getting an idea to market is exciting and time-consuming, but you need to be sure you are committed to launching a product, or the efforts will be fruitless.

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