Welcome to the Vagina Revolution!

Our favorite revolutionary is also our favorite OB-GYN.

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Originally Published September 27, 2018 on getinthegroove | By SUSIE FINESMAN

Dr. Sherry A. Ross OB-GYN, author and women’s health expert is also the flag carrier of “The Vagina Revolution” and author of “She-ology,” a great primer for learning more about our intimate health. What follows is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation because we think she’s an awesome advocate for women’s health.

First of all, Dr. Sherry, can you tell us why our vaginas need a revolution?

Our vagina’s don’t actually “need” a revolution but the conversation could sure use a radical makeover. When it comes to vaginal and sexual health, women over 50 have been operating with misinformation, half-truths and an overall lack of science for way too long. For example, there are so many ways of thinking about and dealing with perimenopause that most women have never heard of.  We’ve successfully indoctrinated women to see their gynecologist once a year for a Pap smear, but the average office visit is now 7 ½ minutes –when do you ask your doctor about all the other issues: night sweats, dryness, loss of libido or low sex drive? These questions shouldn’t be unspoken but when do you get to ask them—in the two minutes after your doctor says “Now scooch” down a bit…. a little bit more?”

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