Welcome to the Vagina Revolution!

I mean, we are older but we are also smarter—who couldn’t use a little assist? I know many of you can agree with me, it’s so much harder to have an orgasm as we get older!

OK. Dryness—that’s a good over-coffee conversation. Is there any relief to be had?

Actually, plain old coconut oil is a great moisturizer and antidote for external dryness. If you put coconut oil in your bath it’s good news for all of your skin at the same time. I’m also a fan of Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash instead of drying soap. I mean, washing your feet and your vagina with the same bar of soap might not be the smartest two-step. And when traveling, carry some vaginal wipes—they are gentle and you can also use them to clean your hands – just not the other way around.

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