What is the longest healthy pregnancy on record?


A patient of mine asked me this “medical trivia” question the other day so I began a medical search and this was what I found. Although there may be some skeptics out there Beulah Hunter’s name came up a few times with this remarkable medical story.

The normal human pregnancy lasts around 280 days, 10 lunar (4 week months) months or slightly more than nine months. Traditionally a term pregnancy for a singleton is 38 to 42 weeks. In 1945 a 25 year old woman, Beulah Hunter, gave birth after 375 days of being pregnant. This is almost a year and a half. It was substantiated by a physician who first documented her last menstrual cycle and the first time she tested positive for pregnancy. These same physicians claim that the cause of this long pregnancy was the extremely slow development of the fetus. Beulah Hunter’s pregnancy is the longest known in which a living and healthy child was born.

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