Why Feminine Hygiene & Care Matters – Especially in the Summer!

Is there such a thing as a summer feminine care? As the temperature “heat dome” continues with numbers in the 100’s consistently this past week in Los Angeles, I know my entire body is hot and bothered – especially down there.  

Did you know the vagina a ton of sweat glands? It’s no wonder that you may feel uncomfortable in the heat! The #SummerVagina is real and you need to be aware that the sensitive skin of the V is more noticeable in the heat and activities of summer that don’t take place in other seasons. For example, pools (chemical), oceans (trash and bacteria), exercising more often to get in better beach body shape (running, spinning, lifting) , grooming more frequently (waxing, shaving, lasering), wearing wet bathing suits often and frequently, makes the skin of the vulva drier which may lead to itching and burning and a vaginal infection.

The #SummerVagina brings attention to two very key issues as it relates to this very important part of our body. First, the vagina needs special daily care, maintenance and attention similar to the way we care of our face every day. And secondly, seasonal weather changes affect the skin on our body, including the skin of the vulva and vagina.  | | | Next → |

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