Why Feminine Hygiene & Care Matters – Especially in the Summer!

Now for the most important step – washing! I always ask women – would you use the same bar of soap that you use to clean your feet, armpits etc. to clean your face? Probably not. The vagina is very much like your face – you need a special wash and routine to feel fresh and properly cleanse the area..  So I have been recommending Summer’s Eve’s Cleansing Wash for over a decade. It’s gentle, balanced to a woman’s pH and works to remove odor-causing bacteria, without leaving any unwanted residue like body washes. What do I also love about Summer’s Eve?  They have the most convenient Cleansing Cloths that can be used on-the-go when you can’t shower like after a work-out, before getting intimate with your partner or just on a hot summer day!  Regardless of the season, this is a feminine ritual that you should not ignore.

Keeping the vulva clean and moisturized all year round is a must, especially in seasons that increase skin dryness.  If you are prone to vulvar dryness, I recommend a handful of extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO) in a warm water bath for 20 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. The moisturizing effect of EVCO locks in hydration and prevents dryness of the vulva in a natural way. The #Summer Vagina is basically a metaphor for women needing to care and maintain the delicate skin of the vulva and pH balance of the vagina all year round, especially during seasonal temperature changes. Just like certain products can disrupt the vulva and vagina so can the heat of summer and cold of winter.  Continue to pay attention ladies, your vulva and vagina count on it!

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