Chapter 10: Perfect V

“Dr. Sherry is my gynecologist. She has been taking care of me since I was nineteen, when I arrived for my first Pap smear. Let’s face it, a Pap smear is not something you look forward to, but Dr. Sherry made an uncomfortable experience not so bad. In fact, because I have such a great relationship with Dr. Sherry—who never minds that I drag along my BFF Haley (who is also her patient!) so that we can laugh our way through the entire exam—I actually look forward to my yearly visits! Every woman needs to find a gynecologist they feel comfortable with, especially one they can ask those really embarrassing questions—you know the ones I’m talking about. I am so glad to introduce the Perfect V chapter, because to me the Perfect V is a healthy V, which means yearly checkups and conversations about the importance of safe sex.

I am so lucky to have fallen into acting, and I really appreciate all my amazing fans. If I can send a positive message to teens and young women about their bodies, it would be: Love your perfect V. Love your body no matter the size or shape. Don’t allow anyone to judge your lady parts, especially your pretty little V!”