Chapter 12: Benched V

“Dr. Sherry has been taking care of me since I was eighteen. She saw me through all the bad decisions and mistakes I made, especially concerning the care of my vagina. My V was benched a couple of times in my early adulthood, but those days are way behind me. Alcohol, smoking, and a general disrespect of my body were bad habits that I overcame as I arrived at my current chosen path, a path of sobriety, healthy eating, regular exercise, and being in tune with my heart and soul. If you’ve ever had a Benched V, my advice to you is to learn from it, and then don’t let it happen again! I would leave you with one of my most cherished mantras: This Too Shall Pass. Learn from your painful experiences, take care of yourself, respect yourself, and take pride in your health and who you are.”

—Eden Sassoon Reality TV Personality