Chapter 15: Divorced V

“New sex, new woman.

Nobody who is having great sex with her partner suddenly divorces. In my case, my mate and I shared a bed for years after we shared intimacies. When we divorced, I had been with only one man for thirty years and the prospect of being with a new partner, let alone finding one, was terrifying to me. I was in my fifties, had birthed four kids, gone through menopause and found my first gray pubic hair by the time we parted. Not only that, but my self-confidence had been obliterated. Not his fault, really; rather I’d long ago stopped thinking of myself as anyone other than part of a duo. Who knew what I liked or wanted anymore? I hadn’t asked myself that question in a quarter of a century.

I had no idea that the prize for surviving divorce and finding the right new partner was the delirious, mind-bending and unexpected joy of New Sex! The kind of sex where kissing is sustained and urgent. Where feeling a hand move up my back to release my bra is unbearably erotic and the feeling of new hands touching me fills me with anticipation and wonder. This just isn’t talked about enough in divorce conversations.”