Chapter 2: Tween V

"I have educated and inspired my girls to take care of themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually. I have always integrated Eastern medicine philosophies in my health care and so have my girls. I took them both to see Dr. Sherry to start forming their own relationship in their mid-teens. Even though we talked about what it meant to be sexually active, having safe sex, and being in touch with your body, I knew it was important for them to have an independent relationship with their doctor. I am not sure who was more nervous about their first gyno visit with Dr. Sherry, them or me. I was proud of them and knew this was the right step for them to feel safe and in control of their own personal health and wellness. Now they are comfortable enough to call or text Dr. Sherry directly knowing she will be there for them in my absence. They know I encourage healthy living and I want them to embrace this philosophy as well."

—Yolanda Hadid Reality TV Personality