Chapter 3: Hormonal V

“Very few things can sway me from my daily routine, but those particular things are often beyond my control. Case in point: The week before my period I want to send in a SWAT team to put a stop to my PMS arsenal of symptoms which include bloating, water retention, and weight gain! During that premenstrual week my body is overtaken and transformed by hormones that take no prisoners. Honestly, they make my normal life a bit of a living hell! Going up a full bra cup size might sound like a good thing, but, unfortunately, not when your breasts are so sore that they make you want to cry. Imagine trying to do the red carpet at the Oscars, bloated with five extra pounds of water weight in a Zuhair Murad gown that was formerly perfectly fitted days before. Interviewing Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, or George Clooney is a dream come true unless I’m sucking in my body within two inches of my life thanks to water retention.”

—Debbie Matenopoulos TV Host