Chapter 4: Baby Maker V

“I was around thirty-five at the time, and the thought sent a shiver down my spine. Was I really getting past my prime for pregnancy? After all, I was healthy, Botox had ironed out the first signs of wrinkles, and I was confident that Mr. Right was right around the corner. Plus, we were having this conversation more than ten years ago, when egg freezing was still considered experimental by the FDA. But Dr. Sherry was ahead of her time. She looked to the future, and she knew egg freezing was going to be the answer for hard-working women like me, who, for whatever reason, put pregnancy on pause. Here’s the headline I want these lovely ladies to hear: Your celebrity diet, your skincare routine, or your favorite color of nail polish isn’t nearly as interesting as the path you took to get pregnant.”

-Wendy Burch, Emmy Award Winning Report & Anchor