Chapter 6: Mature V

“My forties were pretty much a blur. I gave birth to my twin sons at forty-five, and after breast-feeding for six months, my periods returned on an annoyingly irregular basis. Apparently I was in pre-menopause, right on the heels of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding—what a treat. I started natural estrogen and progesterone as soon as I could to control the symptoms, since I’d heard from my very vocal girlfriends just how horrible those symptoms might get. I’d already experienced a few hot flashes in bed that drove me to fling my legs out from under the covers in all crazy directions just to cool down. When dressing for the day, I’d wear layers so that I could strip them off easily. Hence, I became addicted to wearing decorative shawls!

I’ve always felt that humor was important in dealing with female health-related issues—a little humor, combined with open, honest discussions with a trusted doctor. I’ve been blessed to have such a doctor, one who is not only brilliant, but also encouraging, tactful, and skilled in getting me to open up about some very private issues. I’m not sure that would have been the case with a male doctor.”

-Jane Seymour Actress & Artist