“Ohhhh…whooooaaaa…it’s like a dark tunnel. There’s this little opening, but then it has these walls and layers, and it’s all pink and shiny. It’s like a weird cave.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was having my first gynecological exam by my best friend, Debbie Gerber. We were seven.

She was sleeping over, and after a night of “sneaking food”—which was basically raiding the refrigerator and cupboards for crap food and chocolate—we had settled into my canopy bed (with the pull out trundle) and were ready to explore. That’s what we called it, exploring. Like Lewis and Clark on a great, unknown expedition, we were discovering and exploring our vaginas. That was my first adventure with my V. We really knew how to party then.”

Feeling comfortable in addressing your concerns and feeling free to ask questions is exactly how you ought to feel in any relationship. Whether your partner is a man or woman, robot or plant, you’ve got to feel comfortable.”

—Gina Gershon Actress


Open-minded, uninhibited, adventurous. Does that describe you and your V? Or maybe it reminds you of someone you know. Either way, it’s important to know the advantages along with the disadvantages (and, sometimes, the risks) of sexual creativity, especially in the extreme. Then again, take away the judgment completely and the fact remains that what’s extreme for one woman may be normal for another! I mean, some of us like to bike rustic shady roads, and some of us prefer extreme
motocross. Know what I mean? Your V knows…

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