Don’t we all secretly wonder if we are sexually normal? But then what is sexually normal anyway? What does it mean? Does it even exist? I hear so many questions on this topic. They take the form of: How often do women normally orgasm in vaginal intercourse? In oral sex? How often do women fake it? How often do women normally masturbate? Think about it: Gather a cultural cross-section of a hundred “normal” women in a room. Will they look the same? Be of the same height and weight? Have the same morning routine, the same number of freckles and gray hairs? Of course not. And believe me, their vaginas will all have their own dimensions and personalities! According to a recent study from the University of Montreal, sexual desires and behaviors that are considered abnormal in psychiatry are actually the norm. So, unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to sexual norm, but there is a way to help you understand your own normal—your own sexuality.

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